A solid sided trailer ranging from the light & heavy duty single axle non-braked 750kg range to the heavier twin axle braked 2000kg -3000kg range. 


Box Trailer BT 6'x4'  
Also available in various sizes

Quad Trailer QT 5'x3'

DBT 6'x4' with Wire Mesh Kit  
Also available in DBT 5'x3' & DBT 7'x4'

BT 6'x4' with and without Wire Mesh Kit

BT 8'x4'
 Also available in  BT 8'x5', BT 10'x5' & BT 12'x5'

BT 8'x4' with Wire Mesh Kit,
 Also available in BT 8'x5', BT 10'x5' & BT 12'x5'

For more information on any of the above trailers, or to place an order please contact us on 02840 650487

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